Our mission is to provide unbiased good quality information on Autistic Spectrum Conditions to families and professionals supporting children or adults with these conditions.

Please note that we do not have centres in Bangalore. We do not provide any services and this website is not attached to any particular centre or services. We do not have any commercial interest. Our effort is to bring information to support and guide people like yourself.

Please watch a video that explain what Autism is. This is a link to an animation video produced by amazing things project, created by Alex Amelines


When a child or an adult has special needs like Autism, families often struggle to get the right help. Lack of good quality information is the major barrier to finding the right help. Right help can transform the life of an individual and family. However one needs to be aware that the internet provides a wide range of information, some very authentic and valuable, but some can be misleading. There are magical remedies advertised on the internet with sometimes even the promise of curing Autism. 

Professionals too struggle often to get unbiased information on Autistic Spectrum Conditions. The evidence base on the interventions for autism is only coming out slowly.

I am a Psychiatrist specialised in the assessment and management of developmental conditions like Autism. I  practice in the UK where I am actively involved in research, clinical practice and service development. I have  roots in Bangalore and are often approached by families when we are in Bangalore for more information on Autism and other developmental disorders. This site is an effort to bring together all the information that families and professionals would need in supporting children/adults with Autism. We would value your comments and information to make this a success. Please note that we do not have direct information about all the centres listed here nor can we check the accuracy of information put as comments by people like yourself on this blog. Always use the information as general guidance and check out the centres by speaking to people who use the service.

Dr. Satheesh Gangadharan MD (Psychiatry), FRCPsych

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  1. Chikkanna Manju

    Excellent initiative by two psychiatrists, well renowned psychiatrists from UK and had links with Bangalore. They have lot of experience, in the areas of clinical, research and service development. No doubt, it will be excellent resource for people of Bangalore and for any one with some one with autism and their families. I recommend their work strongly and wish all the success in their initiative.

    Dr Chikkanna Manju
    Consultant Psychiatrist in learning disabilities
    Cheltenham, UK

    1. balu

      Dear sir,

      My son has been diagnised with autism, now is 2.5years old how much possibalites are there to bring him to normal kid & it is possibe to send him to normal school, we already brought him to pschylogist & she is telling maximum 18 months we can revers the autism symptoms & we can integrated into the normal school, kindly contact me possible my mobile no.9880612634 staying in bangalore bsk.

  2. I am Dr. Shantha Radhakrishna, SLP, CCC and Yoga therapist working as the Director of a charitable trust for communication impaired population in Bangalore, India. I have published few reserarch articles and a book in area of integrated yoga therapy and autism. I will be too happy to share this with you.

  3. Raagini

    Hi, one of my friends lives in New York and wants to move back to bangalore. He has an autistic 13 yr old son. What are the good schools that he could approach? Do keep in mind the school needs to be at par with a modern environment. Often enough schools for special needs are not too great in terms of quality or require the child to be subjected to the lowest common denominator. Please help!

  4. Robin Jacob

    Hi, Our 5-year old boy is minor autistic. His issue is around Speech and Social skills.
    Currently we are in USA. He did undergo a diagnosis and is been admitted to a special school. He is undergoing ABA therapy, Speech Therapy and OT. He is showing some improvement now. Unfortunately due to my Visa status , I need to move back to Bangalore sometime in March 2015. We live in J.P. Nagar 6th Phase in Bangalore. Could you please help us with services available and other resources around our area for my son.

    All help appreciated.
    Thanks a lot,

    1. Dear Robin
      I have emailed you a couple of centers in south Bangalore including one in first phase of JP Nagar. i have also emailed my contacts to see if there are any other resources close to 6th phase.

      1. Thanks. We do not have any centres in Bangalore. This site is purely for information to help parents. We do not have a plan to establish any centres for profits. Instead our efforts is to improve awareness as well as coordinate training for parents and professionals on autism. We are in touch with a number of centres in Bangalore. Quite a range of information already provided in the page – Bangalore based resources.

      2. Poornima

        Hello My name Poornima my daughter has some autism problem We live in Electronic city phase 1 Bangalore could you please help to find some services near Electronic city..

      3. Hello Poornima
        Apology for the delay in responding. I have just updated all the resources that I am aware of on a google map – please find on the page here called Bangalore based resources on google map.

  5. Roy


    My 5 year old daughter is having symptoms of ADHD and Autism. Currently she is attending a nursery school but unable to catch up with curricula.(In fact what she learned from attending 2 years play school is to just count from 1-to-10. That too without understanding the actual meaning.) Doctor is advising us to put her to a special needs school and also do Behavior Therapy. Are there any special schools near to Bangalore Electronic city Phase-1 area.? Or any schools admitting special needs children?


    1. Dear Roy
      I have emailed you the details of some services near your area, you could also look at our resource page which has a list of organisations in and around Bangalore.
      Hope you would find the right one for your child soon.

      1. Roy

        Thank You Satheesh.

        Most of these centers are far away from Electronic city. I had checked with some of them which is located in Koramangala. But none of them have pickup service from E-city.

        Hoping some of them will start their center in electronic city.

        Thank You for your help.
        God bless you!


      2. Zulekha Rajani

        Hello Satmini Maam, there is a child in our school who is 3 years old. He is showing all signs of Autism. Where can we take him for therapies? or can a Therapist come to his place and help him with his speech delay and behavioural issues?
        An ABA speacialist will be better. The address is Koramangla 6th block, Banagalore.

  6. prakash

    Hi, Our 3.6-years old girl is autistic. Her issue is around Speech skills.
    We want to moov near to Marathahalli and i am working in Electronic city.
    I am thinking she needs undergoing ABA therapy, Speech Therapy and OT.
    Could you please help us with services available and other resources around our area( Around Marathahalli/HSR Layout/ outer ring road) for my daughter.

    All help appreciated.
    Thanks a lot,

  7. hi,
    i am new to bangalore, my son is 6 years old and he is mild autism with developmental delay, so i m searching best integrated or suitable school with therapy in near belandur, jaya nagar, koramangala, marathahali and near by area, so pls give me suggestion immedietly.

  8. laxmikant

    My baby age is 2.4 yrs but he is able to speak properly… he is not reacting to his name or anything we do.. he is making him asolated in school… maximum time he is on own world… pls suggest remedy for this..

    any remedy centre in bangalore west.

    1. Thanks for this request. What you child needs is a good developmental assessment. This can either be done by a paediatrician with an interest in developmental disorders or a child psychiatrists or child psychologists. NIMHANS Child Psychiatry Department provides an excellent multi disciplinary child developmental assessment. I am sure it is available in other centres such as St. Johns Hospitals too.

    2. Dear Laxmikant
      Your baby would need to be assessed by a paediatrician with expertise in developmental assessment. Once an initial assessment is done, need for any further evaluation could be decided.

  9. Garima jain

    Dear Sir/Mam,

    Good Morning,
    Myself Garima working as a senior software developer in SAP LABS India pvt ltd Bangalore. Our Company provided employment to Autistic people and we are trying to reach out to as many autism candidates as possible. Would appreciate if you can refer few who would like to pursue their dreams and are capable.


    1. Dear Garima
      I have heard of the commendable efforts of SAP through news and my personal contacts. I would be happy to meet yourself or anyone else who oversees the recruitment of people with autism in your company to understand more.

  10. Sreenath

    Hello Sir,

    My 8 year old son has been diagnosed for ADHD. I somewhere read online that Yoga therapy is a good compliment for treating ADHD. Could you suggest any personalized yoga kendra/centers for this treatment?

    Really appreciate your help.


    1. I have come across lots of information on the use of Yoga for developmental conditions like ADHD. I am unfortunately not aware of any yoga teachers who would do this in Bangalore. If I come across, i would certainly let you know.

  11. Manjunath.M.R

    Hello Sir,

    My daughter she is 4.5 years old she has autism, we did not found any special school for my child in Electronic city, currently we joined her in normal play school but there is no improvement in her. please suggest any autism school near by Electronic city.


  12. Meenakshi

    Hi, my son is 3 yr old and he has mild autistic symptoms and has communication delay. He is attending 1:1 ABA at daksh(HRBR layout) from past 4 months and was showing significant improvement in terms of behaviour and speech but they are coming up with a full day program from next month which is going to be from 9 am to 4 pm. Since I may not be able to send him to that program I am looking for ABA centres in and around Vijayanagar. Can you please help me with the details of any that you are aware of ?

  13. Hello Sir,

    My son is 3.9 years and has good vocabulary. He says around 20 animals names, 15 vegetables names, almost all colors. food items. However, his social communication is very less rather i can say no. Can you please help me to find out exact issue with such kind of behavior.

    1. Thanks for the enquiry. I think it is important for your child to have an assessment by a paediatrician with a special interest in autism or a psychologist with interest and skills in assessing children with autism. Only a detailed assessment can inform the best ways of supporting your child. Our page on bangalore based resources has details of centres which undertake the assessment

      1. Thanks a lot Sir. I need one more information. My Son is diagonised as ADHD. But under Mild category. I want to know if there is any home tutor, if yes, please provide me the details.

    2. Hi
      It will be useful for your child to have a developmental assessment either from a developmental paediatrician or a psychiatrist / psychologist with interest in developmental disorders. The page on BANGALORE based resources has information on where you could get help.
      Dr. Satheesh Gangadharan

  14. Sudhish


    I am sudhish, my son diagnosed with Autism and picking slowly. Looking for best therapy school in & around Vijayanagar and rajajinagar. please suggest

    1. Thanks for the enquiry. Please check the page which displays all the services that we are aware of on a google page. There may be a few not listed there but included in the list of services that we are aware of (google page is under construction). If I come to know of more services We will let you know

  15. Firoj Khan

    Hi, I am Firoj. My son is 3.9 years old and has mild Autism symptoms. Can you please advise some good pediatrician name ( contact details) specialist in Autism for my child’s assessment. Presently I am working in Qatar (Doha) and going to India (Odisha/ Bhubaneswar) in July for a couple of month. I can come to Bangalore in 3rd week of July to meet the doctor.
    Thanks for your advise.

    1. Dear Firoj
      Sorry for the delay in response as I have been travelling in India. Not sure where in kerala are you. Options in kerala
      Developmental paediatricians- there is a child development centre in TVM, close to the TVM medical college, MKC Nair used to be the head, not sure who it is now.
      In Cochin – I have seen details of sunrise hospital advertising on developmental paediatrics. dr. Sheela Shilen is the head there. The details on web says it is in kakkanadu.

      In bangalore
      The main place, I would recommend is NIMHANS, if you don’t know, it is national institute of mental health and neurosciences, it has a child psychiatry department with some of the national experts in this area. You could get a referral letter from doctor in kerala to go direct to the child psychiatry department there. They have all specialists.

      In addition, Dr. Nandini Mundkur who is a developmental paediatrician with special interest in this area practices in Jayanagar area as well as Malleswaram.
      Dr. Chita Sankar is another paediatrician with expertise in this area who practices Domkur area as well as in Manipal hospital.

      All the people and places I have mentioned above, you could get the details including contact details using google search.
      Please let me know how you get on with getting the right support.
      Dr. Satheesh GANGADHARAN


    Hi, This is John,
    I have a 9 yrs old autistic child. We are re-settling to our home in Bangalore (e-city). We need your help in identifying the available options in our vicinity.

    Thanks & Regards

    1. Thanks for this query. Have you checked our web site. I will also post an email for more information services near e-city to my contacts and will let you know when I have the details.
      Dr. Satheesh Gangadharan

  17. Anonymous

    Hi – a relative of mine is 24 years old. She hasn’t been in any type of development or skill training center except once when she showed unwillingness to learn. I would like to discuss this situation with you further to see how and what kind of training and/or skills development may be useful for her at this stage. Do you think we can have a chat pls – Skype, phone call etc whatever works for you?

    Thank you in advance.

  18. Venugopal

    I am Venugopal. Could you kindly let me know whether it is necessary to have an MD for making an autism/ADHD assessment of a child or whether the same can properly be done by an experienced psychologist with a Ph.D degree.

    1. Dear Venu
      My understanding
      1. One has to be a clinician – clinical psychologist, psychiatrist, paediatrician or a similarly suitable professional.
      2; in addition the person should have had training in assessment and diagnosis of Autism spectrum conditions like ADOS or DISCO or similar training.
      Some professionals may not have had the training but has worked with people with autism for long enough to make diagnosis.
      In my opinion, clinical background and training on at least one of the methods is important.
      PhD is a research degree to the best of my understanding and is not required for diagnosing autism.
      Hope it gives a sense of direction.

  19. Rosh

    My 3.5 year old son is having an overall development delay and some signs of autism. He has not been diagnosed. Could you guide me with best options available in bangalore

    1. Dear Rosh
      Two options are
      1. See a developmental paediatrician. I have heard about Dr. Nandini Munkar (details available on this site as well as the detailes can be googled. There may well be other people. Usually if they have expertise in this area, they would probably put this in the board, card or website.

      2. Visit a child psychiatrist. I would suggest NIMHANS- Child psychiatry department.
      Hope you are able to find the right support for your child. Please let me know how you get on.


  20. yasmeen

    Hello Sir Mr. Sateesh
    I am Syed Rashid Hussain family friend of Mr nasir [ arif ] I have a visually impaired daughter who is studying in DPS bangalore south she is class 9. I would like to know the facilities and opportunities for this type of children in foreign countries especially melbourn for studies. How about job opportunities for my wife. She has done certified Braille courses from Hadley school of distance education USA.

  21. meghana

    Hi , I’m 23yr female with partially diagnosed autism
    I am facing lot of trouble Trying to carry out my life normally. So Can u please suggest me a psychology\psychiatrist in Bangalore who have knowledge about women with high functional autism.

    Thank you

    1. Hello Meghana
      I would suggest NIMHANS child psychiatry department. They do see young adults with autism as well. People in the department like Prof. Satish Girimaji have expertise in assessing guiding people with autism who needs psychological support.
      hope you are able to find the right help.
      let us know

  22. Rakesh

    My 5 yrs old daughter has mild autism n need occupational therapy n behavioral therapy. I m totally new to Bangalore. Can someone help me to find best Doctor n center in Bangalore near to marathahalli n Whitefield near by areas. Please help.

    1. Poonam

      We are conducting a free healing workshop in Bangalore with focus on children with special needs. June 17 & 18, 2017 in Bangalore.
      Please contact me for further details: whatsapp 9611923119

  23. Aditi

    Greetings to you,

    My sister is 20 years old. I am her elder sister, she has problem regarding communication, fear and learning. I regret for not helping her all these years. And now i finally want to do something for her, but i dont know where to start from. Please help me like how and what kind of training or skills development may be useful for her .

    1. It may be worth having an assessment done to check what support she would need. Two places which may offer assessment – NIMHANS has a clinic for people with developmental disorders. Karnataka spastic society also offer clinics.

  24. Sourabh Kar

    We are moving to Bangalore and my son is autistic who is turning 6 years August 2017. He is high functioning and goes to an integrated school in Kolkata. We need your suggestion for an integrated school, and private therapies. My office will be in Yemlur. I will choose a residence near to my son’s school.

    1. Dear Sourabh
      Please see our page on bangalore based resources- we have put services we are aware of on a google map as well. A quick look at that tells me that the following are reasonably close to you: Asha integrated school, sunshine autism (Domlur); Reach Clinic (koramangala)
      Please check out details in their web site, visit and speak to other parents before choosing. We would welcome your feedback once you have done that.We do not have first hand information of these places.

      1. Poonam

        Dear Mr. Sateesh,
        We are conducting a free healing workshop on June 17 & 18, 2017: Prana Violet Healing Workshop For The Wards/Teachers/Caretakers of Special Needs Children, like Autism Spectrum Disorder in Bangalore.
        PVH has conducted workshops with special focus on Autism Spectrum Disorder in Malaysia and the results are phenomenal. Within few days the child starts showing signs of improvement. Parents, teachers, caretakers, wards of children with special needs can attend and learn this simple yet effective technique for their child’s overall improvement. In India, this special workshop will be conducted for the first time in Bangalore. Please be kind to inform the concerned people so that they can benefit themselves .
        For further details, please feel free to reach me @ whatsapp 9611923119 / email: pranavioletbangalore@gmail.com


    2. Sandip

      Hi Sourabh
      I am currently looking for therapy session for my 3.5 years kid. Did you finalize anyone, which areas are these located.
      Could you please share your phone number, would like to talk to you. Any inputs will help us.

    3. Hi Sourabh,
      Not sure what therapies are you looking for. Be Change Centre provide ABA Therapy services in Doddanekundi, Marathahalli. contact Robin for details 9036457096

  25. Niraja

    Hi, I am niraja from Rajrajeswari Nagar Bangalore. I have a autistic child pavan, he is six years old. We are looking for good speech therapist who can work on his speech clarity and a behavioral trainer who can deal with behavioral issues. Sensory wise pavan is doing good but pinching other kids n not playing with kids and he is not aware of good touch n bad touch which we are educating through social stories in every day basis. But Pavan’s current therapy centre which is in new BEL Rd. Is not helping much as they are only giving communication n sensory therapy. Please suggest me some good therapy centres/therapist who can work on the specific needs and also the right school for him.

    Thank you


    1. Dear Niraja
      Two sources i have come across with focus on communication are
      1. COMM DEALL- details and link on the bangalore based resources page- COMM – DEALL
      The organization using Communication – DEALL program developed by Prathibha Karanth, an expert in speech therapy; provide intensive support to young children with the aim of integrating children to regular schools.
      2. Anju- A Speech therapist (She left this detail through the web site a little while back)- A speech therapist working at Begur- Bommanahalli. She can be contacted through email . anjuforspeech@yahoo.in

      Please remember that i do not have first hand information of these two sources. Please contact them collect more information as well as speak to other parents who may have used these before choosing. If you have further feedback, it will be good if you can send it to the web site.
      Hope the information helps.

  26. Menaka

    Hi my kid is 2.10 yrs. she is diagnosed with autism with mild epilepsy. Can someone suggest good therapy centers near RT nagar area.

  27. M V Maruthi Sreenivas

    dear sir,
    we are hailing from Hindupur (AP), 100km away from bangalore. My daughter aged 17yrs is an autistic child. We tried a lot for her and in urban areas like ours, there is no awareness and dealing mechanism about autism. At last we have decided to start a centre for autistic and intellectually challenged children with our own expenditure. We dosent need any financial assistance. We are in need of guidance, proper training and support and we can afford the things if any. Kindly support us sir …

  28. Sivakumar

    Dear Sir,

    My 8 year old son has some behavioral disorders. I am not sure this related to autism.
    He started speaking very late and undergone a speech therapy course in St. John’s Hospital, Some times he never respond even if we call him loudly. He keep on asking some questions of irrelevant things. I try to answer him the maximum but some times i feel it’s abnormal. He does some some abnormal face expressions . Where do i take him ? Please advice. Thank you.

    1. Dear Sivakumar
      There are two options
      1. Take him to a good child psychiatrist who would do an assessment to see if he has autism and what are the reasons for his behaviour. I would recommend the child psychiatry department in NIMHANS (Hosur Road).

      2. Alternatively a good developmental paediatrician (child specialist with interest and expertise in developmental conditions. They would normally put in their card or website if they have this expertise). There are some details on this website.

      3. A good clinical psychologist with expertise in developmental condition can also do this assessment.


  29. Sandip

    Dear Doctors
    Many thanks for putting such valuable information at one place. I have gone thru most of the information posted here, and it has helped me a lot. We have recently moved to Bangalore and looking to get some direction and information on centers/doctors where we can get our Kid treated for his ASD. He is currently 3.5 years now He was born in US, and during the initial 2.5 years – he was diagnosed with milestones delays, motor skill issues, speech issues. The doctors were even concerned with the Head size once.
    till now, he has not started talking yet, baring few words. Though we did few speech therapies for him, but we didn’t see much improvement. He has issues with Speech, communication and social interaction currently. He is hyper active, and seems to be in his own world most of the time and does quite a lot of running around.
    We were actually quite scared, so moved back to India. We were not really sure of ASD therapies and treatments in US ( from man power support, helping hands, financials point of view), so we came back.

    Now I am looking to get started here in Bangalore. So i think the first step would be to get an assessment for him. Following which we need to do Speech/OT/ABA therapies.

    What do you suggest, where should we begin? I am looking for good Child Psychiatrists to start with. Then I have to find good therapy centers, and if required special schools for him. We live around East bangalore, but we are fine to travel.

    Thank you
    Sandip Agarwalla

    1. Dear Sandip
      For an initial comprehensive assessment, I would suggest Child and Adolescent Psychiatry outpatient clinic in NIMHANS (Hosur Road). It is a national centre for mental health and neurological conditions if you don’t know. It will be easier to go straight to the specialist there if you go with a referral from a doctor.You could approach a doctor nearby and ask for a referral to NIMHANS child psychiatry. Advantage of NIMHANS is that they have a good multi-disciplinary team there like child psychiatrists, psychologists, speech therapists etc
      Alternatively, you could go to a developmental paediatrician. I have heard about Dr.Nandini Mundkur. Details of her available on this site as well as you could google her, details will come up.
      Hope you are able to find a good place for the initial assessment

  30. Shruthi


    I have a teenaged cousin, who I believe to be autistic. He hasn’t been diagnosed medically. The family lives in South Bangalore. Can you please guide me on who we can see to get him diagnosed and help him out.
    I’m actually finding it challenging to convince his parents that he is autistic and that he needs support. It would be really helpful if you could please advise me on this.


    1. I would suggest the Children and Adolescent Psychiatry in NIMHANS (Hosur Road). Prof. Satish Girimaji is well-renowned expert in developmental disorders.


  31. Beneetha Abraham

    Iam Beneetha Abraham we are looking for a teacher trained in teaching Autistic children in our school st. Mary’s Andhamaya opportunity school situated at Queens Road Bangalore. Can you help us

  32. Prana Violet Healing Special Free Workshop For The Wards/Teachers/Caretakers of Special Needs Children, like Autism Spectrum Disorder in Bangalore

    Date: Saturday & Sunday, June 17 & 18, 2017; Time: 9.00 AM to 5.00 PM (Both days)
    Venue: Golden Jubilee Hall, Lalbagh, Bangalore 560004
    All PVH Healing & Teaching are Free of Charge, Gratitude accepted to cover costs.

    To register:
    Whatsapp: +91 9611923119 ; Call: + 91 7829428054; Email: pranavioletbangalore@gmail.com

    Prana Violet Healing is an Energy Healing Therapy to balance the energy field/aura of a person which helps in the healing of physical, mental and emotional disorders. PVH has conducted free general workshops in India almost all the states and in many countries across Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Australia.

    PVH has conducted workshops with special focus on Autism Spectrum Disorder in Malaysia and the results are phenomenal. Within few days the child starts showing signs of improvement. Parents, teachers, caretakers, wards of children with special needs can attend and learn this simple yet effective technique for their child’s overall improvement.

    In India, this special workshop will be conducted for the first time in Bangalore. Please be kind to inform the concerned people so that they can benefit themselves to the most.

    Please feel free to contact us at the given numbers to find more about the workshop.

  33. Shamima

    Shehan,4yrs old boy,from bangladesh,having ASD related disorder.we want to know the minimum duration and cost of treatment

  34. Shamima

    Sheehan,4 yrs oldboy,from Bangladesh.he had ASD.we want to know the minimum duration and cost of therapy. We are interested to come.

    1. Dear Shamima
      We do not provide any therapies and we do not have a centre a Bangalore in either. I work in the United Kingdom as a specialist in the assessment and management of adults with developmental disorders including autism.This website is to provide information on services available in Bangalore provided by various organisations.This was set up as I have links to Bangalore and felt that something like this will be helpful. Please look through the information on Bangalore based resources and contact any organisation that provide services that suits your child’s needs.

  35. mohit14387

    Hi Sir,
    Thanks for such valuable information.
    My nephew is 2.8 years old and he has not started speaking yet, sometime he speaks some words and also, most of the time he doesn’t respond when he is called by his name. We are very scared.
    Please let me know any solution for this.

    1. The best action is to take him for a good assessment. If you are in south Bangalore, I would suggest the Child psychiatry department in NIMHANS.
      Other option is a developmental paediatrician- I have heard of Dr. Nandini Mudkar. Her details in the page- Bangalore based resources.

  36. Divya


    My sister is Autistic and 22. She has been to many special schools as a child. But now that she has grown up, not many special schools accept her. Can you help me with a few ABA Therapists who can come home and train her?


  37. Sangeeta

    Hello, my daughter is 2.8 year old. Going to playgroup. She is active and learns quickly. Sings rhymes and socially active. Only thing I am worried about that she has started flapping her hands sometimes , when she is exited. Sometimes she stares into the space for no reason.can she be autistic?

    1. Dear Sangeeta
      Some of the things people with autism display is normal behaviour of children at one or another point in their development. It is just that in children/adults with autism, these may persist beyond the stage of development these things are expected in normal development. If your little one socially active (making good eye contact, picking up cues from other people, interact with others) and is learning well, it looks like that she is developing normally. “Flapping of hands some times” could be perfectly normal in a 2.8-year-old. Staring into space could be the little lost in thoughts/imagination for a while. I think you do not need to worry. It is just that children get through different stages of development some of which we as adults do not regard as “normal”.

  38. Latha

    Hello sir my son 7 yrs old is mild add he is good in receptive Lang but stated using phrases only since one month.is in normal school in ukg aim looking for some inclusive school in east bangalore please let me know.he is good only when in one to one in class but I’m group he does not .cooperate

    1. Please note that I have updated the page- Bangalore based resources on a map with all the organisations I have come across. If you look at the map you would be able to locate a resource close to you. Please let me know if you find a resource I have not included here too.

  39. Sonu

    Hi my son is 9 under the spectrum (mild) years old and currently goes to a special school.we put him in a special school since we were not able to find a school which would take an asd child 3 yrs back.now we feel that the special school he goes to is not equipped properly .no behaviour issues etc.we r currently in search of schools for my for the academic yr 2018-2019.can you please suggest schools(inclusive setup).thank you

  40. Need help for better school and physiologist in Bangalore

    Hi, Our 5-year old daughter is minor autistic. Her issue is around Speech and Social skills.
    Academic wise she is good. She can write, can answer about shapes, colors, she also follow our instructions.
    The main issue is , she dont play with other children, even if she starts playing with her same age cousins,sometime she become hyper and beat them.
    Seems she lack of concentrations, and not able to express her needs very clearly.
    Unfortunately schools in bangalore are not cooperating with her.
    We are looking for any regular school in Bangalore who can help us and can help my child to improve socially and academic wise.

    we have gone through OT and Behavioral therapy as well but not so much improvement.
    Can you please help me and suggest?
    My Contact number is 99885309943

    1. There are some centres who are specialised in supporting children to cope with these barriers and integrate back in to mainstream schools. most main stream schools do not have enough resources to support when behavioural issues.
      It is worth checking if your child has ADHD in addition as a number of children with autism can have ADHD. treatment of this condition will help with the concentration

  41. Sandip

    Dear All
    I recently met Dr Chitra Shankar, Developmental Specialist in Cloudnine Hospital for my kid’s speech and developmental issues. She suggested to go for Speech and OT. Does anyone know of a good center in-around whitefield/marathalli.
    Any input would be helpful.

    Thank you

  42. Sritha

    Happy to find blog like this.
    We used to stay in USA my daughter born there only. She absolutely Fine up to 18 months except that she not waving her hand but she was normal clapping her hands, saying few word, saying 5 rhymes very clearly. But suddenly we thought like she is saying only rhymes or some songs not any meaningful words so met doctor she suggested us to Early intervention. They spent more than 2 hours and told that she is not waving her hand, not pointing to objects, in her own world, flapping her hands, and lost 2 words which she no before and told to visit our pediatrician for diagnosis, they just told all behaviour what she is showing. So we went to our pediatrician but unfortunately she is out of station.Meanwhile we Googled about this type of behaviour and we are shocked to see that it is autism.so are so scared..tensed..cried a lot worrying about her future without proper diagnosis. Suddenly my husband project moved to India within 5 days we were in Bangalore, thinking about her again we started to find what she is exactly having. We went Nightingales and showed her they told there is only some delay in her no need for any therapy and suggested to put her in play home for 2 hours daily and totally stop showing her mobile ( as we used to show her more than 3 hours rhymes). They told to visit after 3 months if she won’t improve. Now a month passed she is recognizing her name some times , saying hi and some times bye too and some happiness. But still she not having much eye contact, she is saying all the rhymes continuously by herself irrespective of time with out any meaningful words, she is too excited when she watches some children but play on her own all the time.she plays peek a boo , hide and seek, catch ball that’s it no other type of communication. She catches singing or musical tones fast. When she want water she just brings bottle and keeps in our hand. So we are worried again that she might be autistic so please suggest whether she needs diagnosis or not. Thank you somuch for your concern.

    1. Hello
      Apology for the delay in replying. I feel it will be useful for her to have a good assessment to decide if she has autism and if so to what degree. More importantly it is important to understand what therapies or interventions might be most useful. I would recommend an assessment by a good psychiatrist with skills in developmental disorders or a good paediatrician with the same skills.
      My recommendations
      1. NIMHAS has a child psychiatry centre where they undertake good multi disciplinary assessments.
      2. One of my ex-collegues is currently practising as child psychiatrist in Bangalore (Dr. Prasanna CS. You can find his details on the page- Bangalore based resources on google map.

      1. Sritha

        Thank you sir, I have consulted psychologist in jayanagar her name is swetha shenoy, she told that my daughter has some symptoms of autism and suggested to take speech and OT but she was so random, in 15 minutes she told kid is autistic with out any major assessment (looks like money minded) she even not ready to give answers for my questions. But when I met therapy centers so many suggested for only ABA because she doesn’t have any speech problems like not at all speaking and also she don’t have any motor skills problems n behaviours. So we r sending her to BMI Kalyan nagar from last month. Recently I consulted homeocare international and the doctor told after seeing her that my daughter is absolutely fine no autism at all, she just have some delayed milestones. Autistic kids will be different your daughter is not like please don’t send to any behaviour centers where so many kids with different types of problem will be there, so she might learn bad behaviours from them. So she just have very mild ADHD and he suggested as she is just two, so please use our medicine and show more love and patience on her and give some therapy by you only at home. So my question is can I believe him and if won’t send to therapies is any problem will be there please suggest sir.

      2. Dear Sritha
        It is generally difficult to diagnose autism or ADHD in children as young as 2 years. Professionals who are experienced in the assessment of autism may be able to pick up some early signs but they often use caution in making a diagnosis as some of the features of autism can be part of normal development in very young children. They eventually will grow out of it.
        Again, I would urge you to exercise caution in even considering the diagnosing ADHD and taking treatment for this at this stage.
        It is best not worry too much about her unless you are seeing any significant delays in developments or other problems. At any stage, if you have significant worries, it is best to consult a paediatrician with experience in the assessment and management of developmental conditions. Please be mindful that not all paediatricians may have this.
        Calm approach from parents, supporting children with development by playing with them, giving them opportunities to do things with increasing independence and giving positive confidence building comments and responses will go a long way in nurturing confidence in the child of her / his abilities. This confidence in oneself is a crucial factor in later life of the child.
        I know that I have not given any specific advice but I feel that it will help if you reflect on this.

  43. Sudipta

    My baby is 2.6 years has mild autism, very hyper active and delay in speech. He is going to aba class past 2 months little improvement showing but Dr suggested speech therapist for him.
    Could u please suggest a good speech therapist near by whitefield area.

  44. Saswat

    Please help me. I used to believe that I was broken. Now, I think I am autistic. I can’t make friends, can’t seem to understand what others are doing, what they mean. I get really depressed many times and have contemplated ending it all many times.

    1. I am really sorry to hear of the trouble. The best option for you is to find good professional help so that the professional can guide you to the best options. I would suggest a good psychiatrist or psychologist for an assessment so that the right support can be identified. There is some details on the page- Bangalore based resources on google map.
      Hope you get help soon.

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