News on Autism

Please note: While we have taken care to select news from credible sources, listing the news here does not mean that we endorse all opinions and views expressed in those web sites.

Horticultural therapy for autism in Bangalore

A very exciting app development

Startup Brain Power Uses Google Glass To Develop Apps For Kids With Autism

Amazing individuals with Autism who shined in 2013

Updated on 10 November 2013

Earlier identification of autism

An early indication of autism can be identified in babies under six months old, a study suggests (BBC news)

A clinical perspective on breastfeeding and autism

A new web-based intervention tool for challenging behaviors has been shown to be effective

Video-based teaching helps teens with autism learn important social skills





Updated on 21 October 2013

Deleted genes ‘offer autism clues’ – BBC news

Parents create custom jobs for adult kids with autism

Swimming instructor helps autistic child recover (I do believe that hydrotherapy is good for autism. Claims of curing autism – I always read it with an element of skepticism).

Autistic youth benefit from intensive job training (This news possibly assumes that the individuals are reasonably high functioning. Perhaps matching the job to the interest of the individual is what helps)

Updated on 26th May 2013

Link Between Epilepsy And Autism Found – Research from the University of Bath, England.

Autism: Sensory-Motor or Environmental Enrichment May Be Promising Approach – Research from American Psychological Association

Early Intervention Found Cost Effective Through School Years

New Hope for Autistic Children Who Never Learn to Speak

A German Software company SAP thinks recruiting people with Autism can give it an advantage.

How students with Asperger’s cope at university – Students with autism may struggle socially but, with the right support, many excel in their chosen fields.

Be a friend to your autistic kid

Autistic Gurgaon boy to represent India in World Special Olympics

Updated 02 February 2013

Updated January 2013

Children outgrowing autism

Other news

  • Older News

Autism reversible if detected early: Expert – A news item from Times of India. Quite a bold statement which does not reflect the complexity of the condition but quite rightly it does point to the need for early identification and right support for improving the skills and ability of the child to adjust to daily life and be successful.
He taps technology to help autistic kids –Must Read. A very interesting and inspiring story from Bangalore on inclusion of differently abled people.
Differently abled child needs special financial planning for a secured future – A very useful article on financial planning for children with disability.

Dancing Robots to improve communication of children with Autism

Acoustics Of Crying Infants Studied To Determine Risk For Autism – This study is giving a glimpse of possible ways of identifying autism in future.

Asperger’s: ‘This is our normal’ – A news from Guardian on a family of five with Asperger Syndrome.

Autism Severity May Stem from Fear – an interesting angle

Drama Therapy for Autism: Workshop Drama for Autism at Shrishti College of Design yelahanka on 1 December 2012 from 9 am to 10.30 am

Autism Interventions Need To Be Supported By More Evidence

In Children With Autism, Distinct Developmental Patterns Identified During Their First 3 Years

Early Autism Intervention Improves Brain Responses to Social Cues

Asperger: This is our normal – a news story in the Guardian on a family of five who all have Asperger syndrome

Latest on Gary McKinnon:

State yet to enforce RTE amendments for disabled

Compassion meditation may enhance empathic abilities.Barfi strikes emotional chord with Autistic kidsNew genetic test can predict risk for autismThis news from Bangalore is shocking. The only reassurance is that it happened a while ago. Hopefully situation must have improved by now. It does suggest Autism awareness training is desperately needed for people from all walks of life.Stem cell trial in AmericaTito from a news in America. It does show that the right support at the time can change things.

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