Resources -Bangalore Based Organisations

I want to see the centres on the Map to locate the ones close to me.

Resources for people with Autism in Bangalore

Please note that this is not an exclusive list. This is a list of organisations providing support to children / adults with Autism, that we have gathered through our personal contacts as well as other sources.

Organisations that promote Autism awareness but do not provide services directly

Autism society of India

This is a national association of parents, professionals and well wishers of people with Autism based in Bangalore.

KiliKili  (the warbling laughter of a child)
KiliKili started from a casual remark by the parent of a child with developmental delay.’How come we never see a child with a disability in a public park? Kilikili aims to create play spaces that will be accessible to all children, regardless of their ability and in so doing, lay the foundations of a more inclusive society, that does not discriminate or exclude on the basis of ability.

Centres providing Assessment as well as Therapies 

ActivKaaryaDr. Ushma Goradia, is a sensory certified physiotherapist with a long paediatric career in the United States. She has a paediatric clinic in the New BEL road (North Bangalore) vicinity. She is contactable on 9008462200.


The organization using Communication – DEALL program developed by Prathibha Karanth, an expert in speech therapy; provide intensive support to young children with the aim of integrating children to regular schools.

Dance Based Movement Therapies: Preethi Rajagopalan; Therapeutic and Movement facilitator.

Enliven Therapy Centre:  Enliven has 2 centres in Bangalore called Enliven Therapy Centre, at Rajarajeshwari Nagar & Electronic City with Speech therapy, occupational therapy, Physiotherapy & Social communication sessions.

National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences (NIMHANS)

NIMHANS has an excellent Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (CAP) department. Some of the faculty members are national / international experts in developmental disorders including autism. To be seen in CAP directly one would need to be referred by a doctor. If you turn up at NIMHANS directly, you would be first seen by a medical officer who would then refer you to CAP team.

Sackhumvit Trust

The trust has a Bangalore based child developmental centres (Malleswaram and New BEL road) led by developmental paediatricians. Centre for Child Development and Disabilities has a separate web site as well.

Educational \ Occupational  and other therapies for Children\ Adults with Autistic Spectrum Disorder

AALFA (Assisted Living for Autistic Adults)

An inspiring effort to create good quality living conditions and work / leisure opportunities for adults with Autism.


Run by Asha Charitable Trust, Aashayein provides a range of educational and vocational activities for children with developmental conditions like Autism.


A centre providing a variety of therapies for children with special needs including autism.

ASHA centre for autism

Asha integrated school provide education and training for children with Autism and associated conditions.

Akshadhaa Centre for Autism

Akshadhaa provide educational support for children with Autism. I was impressed by the sheer enthusiasm of its founders, the innovative style and commitment. It celebrated its second birthday on 06 December 2014.

Bubble learning Centre for AutismBangalore

Bubble learning centre provides educational opportunities for children with developmental disorders like autism.

Chaarana: Centre for Special Needs

The mission of this centre is to provide training for children with disabilities enabling them to reach academic, personal and social potential. The team aims to enable the children to maximise their potential in mainstream education by providing apropriate interventions.


The organization using Communication – DEALL program developed by Prathibha Karanth, an expert in speech therapy; provide intensive support to young children with the aim of integrating children to regular schools.

Dew Drops Learning Solutions

Dew drops has a center in Bangalore which provide speech, language and educational and occupational and sensory integration therapy for children in spectrum.

Diya Foundation

Diya foundation provides support for intellectually challenged young adults to move from school to work.

Hope Centre for Autism

 No.22 Vivek Nagar, Special Schools in Bangalore

This Centre uses Applied Behavioral Analysis for skills development and behavioral management in children with Autistic Spectrum conditions.Phone: 9980135754

Nithya Saadhana

Nitty Saadhana is based in Vijaya Nagar Bangalore and provides employment (vocational) training for young adults with developmental disorder. It also serves as a speech and hearing clinic for children who are hearing impaired, intellectually challenged and autistic.

Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Vagdevi Integrated School

The centre provides education, diagnostic, evaluation and intervention services for children with communication problems including those with autism.A range of holistic therapies including Yoga are provided.Read an article from the Centre on Integrated Yoga Therapy for Repetitive Stereotyped Behaviors in Children with Autism.

Apoorva Autism Center Bangalore 78

This non-profitable charitable trust provide a range of support for younger children, vocational opportunities for older children as well as respite care.

Resilient Mind

Resilient Minds Rehabilitation Centre was formed to enhance the quality of life of families having children/adolescents with developmental disabilities. The centre also caters to the need of adults and aged population with various communication disorders


Sunshine Autism Trust 

Sunshine provides educational opportunities for children with Autism.

Music Therapy


Music therapy also helps in treating autistic children, but it has to be applied with kids in mind. Music that engages autistic children in dancing and singing works very well in helping them communicate and develop social skills. Rhythm n Rhyme has developed a program designed for kids with autism. This organisation provide summer camps etc.

Sampoorna Music Therapy Centre

Sampoorna aims to use music as a medium of communication and development of children with autism. I was impressed with the openness, enthusiasm, and commitment of the staff at this centre in my visit there.

Kamal Singh

Kamal is a music therapist who previously worked in Delhi. He currently does music therapy sessions in a few centres in Bangalore. He works with people who have a range of conditions including autism using music therapy.

Disclaimer- While we have taken care to include organisations with credibility only, we advise readers to use their judgment in selecting the right organisation for any support they may need. We do not take responsibility for any problems arising from that.

9 thoughts on “Resources -Bangalore Based Organisations

    1. I know NIMHANS child psychiatry provide assessment as well as treatment support for children and young adults with autism. People like Prof. Satish Girimaji are national experts on autism. Outside, there are some paediatricians who have developed special interest in this area. I have not come across any payshiatrists with specialist skills in autism.

      1. Roopa Joseph

        Dr. Ashok from St Johns works closely in the area of autism. Is a very well read and extremely efficient with his approach and interventions.

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  2. Pradeep Menon

    It may also be appropriate to include “The Spastics Society of Karnataka”. Another centre that could be included is the Parents Association of Persons with Cerebral Palsy and Associated Disorders (unique by its nature of being an NGO run by Parents of differently abled adults) (PAPCP).

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