Yoga and Autism

We have to be clear from the outset that the possible effect of yoga on people with Autism is far from clear. Besides Yoga is not a ready solution to everything. However there are some information (very limited) on how Yoga has been of value to some individuals with Autism. We advise readers to use caution while drawing any inferences from what is given below

1. Yoga for students with Autism

2. Yoga for people with Autism

3. Relaxation response based Yoga improves functioning in young children with Autism

4. Benefits of Yoga for Kids with Autism

5. Yoga-Based Therapy as a Viable and Effective Intervention for Autism Spectrum and  Related Disorders

6. Yoga for Children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders (Book)

7. An article on Yoga for children with Autism Spectrum

8. Integrated Yoga Therapy for Repetitive Behaviours in Children with Autism.

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