Resources – Information from worldwide

National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) Guidance on autism: NICE set up by the UK Department of Health provides evidence based guidance on a wide range of health conditions. The link will take you to the page on Autism guidance where you could download a quick reference guide (useful for professionals who wants to have a quick overview); full guidance as well as a patient version in word format (we recommend this version for families).

A Parent’s Guide to Evidence-Based Practice and Autism: Published by an organisation called National Autism Centre in Massachusetts.

SYSTEMATIC REVIEWS : These are scientific evaluation of research that exist in the respective topics with some conclusions on the strength / weakness of the existing evidence.

A systematic review of Early Intensive Behavioural Intervention

A systematic review of the use of atypical Antipsychotic Medications in people with Autism.

Behavioural and Developmental Interventions for Autistic Spectrum Disorder – A systematic review

Effects of Augmentative and Alternative Communication Intervention on Speech Production in Children With Autism: A Systematic Review

Auditory integration training and other sound therapies for autism spectrum disorders: a systematic review

Novel and emerging treatments for autism spectrum disorders: A systematic review

A systematic review of behavioral intervention research on adaptive skill building in high-functioning young adults with autism spectrum disorder

Sensory integration therapy for autism spectrum disorders: A systematic review

Other evidence

Yoga for people with Autism

Integrated Yoga Therapy for Repetitive Behaviour in Children with Autism- A study from Bangalore.

A guide to dental care of children with autism– Information from an organisation called Byte.

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