Our mission is to provide unbiased good quality information on Autistic Spectrum Conditions to families and professionals supporting children or adults with these conditions.

Please note that we do not have centres in Bangalore. We do not provide any services and this website is not attached to any particular centre or services. We do not have any commercial interest. Our effort is to bring information to support and guide people like yourself.

Please watch a video that explain what Autism is. This is a link to an animation video produced by amazing things project, created by Alex Amelines


When a child or an adult has special needs like Autism, families often struggle to get the right help. Lack of good quality information is the major barrier to finding the right help. Right help can transform the life of an individual and family. However one needs to be aware that the internet provides a wide range of information, some very authentic and valuable, but some can be misleading. There are magical remedies advertised on the internet with sometimes even the promise of curing Autism. 

Professionals too struggle often to get unbiased information on Autistic Spectrum Conditions. The evidence base on the interventions for autism is only coming out slowly.

I am a Psychiatrist specialised in the assessment and management of developmental conditions like Autism. I  practice in the UK where I am actively involved in research, clinical practice and service development. I have  roots in Bangalore and are often approached by families when we are in Bangalore for more information on Autism and other developmental disorders. This site is an effort to bring together all the information that families and professionals would need in supporting children/adults with Autism. We would value your comments and information to make this a success. Please note that we do not have direct information about all the centres listed here nor can we check the accuracy of information put as comments by people like yourself on this blog. Always use the information as general guidance and check out the centres by speaking to people who use the service.

Dr. Satheesh Gangadharan MD (Psychiatry), FRCPsych

162 thoughts on “Mission

  1. sri

    We will be in Bangalore by December 1st week. We wanted to do a Autism & SPD assessment for my 20 months old baby from a proper professional. We live in the Nagarbhavi Area. Can you kindly advise a hospital/Clinic who does proper assessment.

    Thanks ,


    1. sri

      Dear Sir/Mam,

      Looking forward for your kind advice on good assessment center’s for Autism & Sensory processing in Bangalore. We will be there in Bangalore in the 1st week of December for doing a assessment for my 20 months old baby .

      Thanks & Regards,


    2. Dear Sri
      Apology for the delay in reply.
      Could I suggest two options
      1. NIMHANS child psychiatry centre- I have given details in the page- Banglaore based resources on a google map.
      2. Dr. Prasanna CS is an ex colleague of mine who has returned to Banglaore. He is originally from Bangalore but trained and worked with us in UK for several years before returning there. His details Dr. Prasanna CS, Child Psychiatrist; Mazumdar Shaw Medical Center: (Phone- 8884431319); 258/A, Bommasandra Industrial Area, Hosur Road, Anekal Taluk, Bommasandra Industrial Area, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560099, India
      +91 1860 208 0208; http://www.narayanahealth.org

      1. Shekhar Chandra Biswas

        Dear Sir
        I am in deep concern with my son of 16 years with Autism, I am from Dhaka, Bangladesh, he has been treated with alopathy and homeopathy treatment, now a days, he has been suffering from seizures frequently, what could I do, pls suggest.
        Best regards.
        Shekhar Chandra Biswas
        Dhaka, Bangladesh

      2. Dear Shekhar
        The most urgent is getting a good control of epileptic seizures. A good neurologist should be consulted. Now there is a good range of medications to control seizures. You should under a neurologist’s advice contnue the medications as well with out stopping or missing doses. If seizures are controlled it itself will bring great relief. Please consult a neurologist and let me know how your son progress. It is not good to mix allopathy and homeo. Allopathy has the best treatment for epilepsy, please stick to it if you can

  2. Sandip

    Dear All
    My 4 year old kid recently diagnosed with ASD. We are looking for good centers in-around whitefield/Marathalli who provide Speech & Occupational Therapy. Can someone provide some reference?


  3. Pruthvi

    My son is just turned 3, now he s assessed as he is high functioning autistic. We live near to Malleshwaram Bangalore. Can you please suggest a good therapist near me so that we can get a good result at the earliest.

  4. Divya

    Hi, I have recently moved to bangalore. My son is autistic and is 7 years old. We are planning to shift to RT Nagar. Can you suggest some good therapy centers(occupational and speech) in RT nagar or nearby areas? Would you recommend going to Nimhans for consultation or are there any other good doctors that I can consult?

    1. Dear Divya
      NIMHANS child psychiatry does good multi disciplinary assessment as they have psychiatrists specialised in this area as well as other professionals like psychologists, speech therapists as well as occupational therapists.
      I have also given contact details of a child psychiatrist who was trained in UK and just returned to Bangalore (Dr. Prasanna CS- His contact details are in the page where i have listed bangalore based resources on a google map).

      1. Divya

        Thanks Dr. Satheesh. I took my son to Nimhans for an assessment. We had to wait for 4 hours before we could meet the doctor and my son was so restless and started crying and the experience was traumatic for him. I also consulted a developmental paediatrician specialized in autism treatments who asked me not to waste money on therapy(she is running her own therapy centre) since the child is 7 years old and she believes that he wouldn’t respond to therapies well at 7 years of age.
        What should I do now? Do you know any good therapy centres around RT NAgar/Malleswaram or nearby areas? I am planning to meet Dr.Prasanna next.

      2. Dear Divya
        I am sorry to hear of your long wait in NIMHANS. It is not helpful. NIMHANS is a busy place. I checked information we have on the page- resources on a google page. Closest to RT nagar is this centre- please check out
        Try and speak to Dr. Prasanna as well if you can.

  5. Priya

    Thanks for the useful information.
    My daughter is 5 and I see some concerns. Does this seem to be ASD?
    – Slips into her own world at times and has to be called again and again by teachers and friends to grab her attention.
    – Does not make new friends but is playing well with her childhood friends (Lacks a little in understanding conversations at times)
    -With help is now able to write well, even when it comes to cursive writing (Writing was a little delayed though)
    – Engages in role-play games, but not very creative
    – Holds a decent logical conversation with family members, but little shy and not so articulate around new people
    – She has been improving in her social and logical abilities, but there is a delay
    – Is good at memorising things, remembers a lot of stuff, but when she comes back from school, does’nt recite what happened in the day
    – Manages her tasks like using the toilet, or eating, wearing few clothes – but little sluggish
    – Is well-behaved, does’nt hurt anyone or harms herself, not stubborn
    – At times has difficulty following instructions
    Could this be a developmental delay or a life-long disorder. I need your help to understand what should I do next?

    1. Dear Priya
      If you are looking for an assessment of autism, there is a colleague of mine who has just returned from UK and practising child psychiatry in Bangalore- Dr. Prasanna CS. His details in the bangalore based resources on google map (please see in that page)

      1. Thanks Priya. I am inspired lots of parents and young people with autism who have found a way around the challenges they face. There are some remarkable people I met who have changed adversity in to something positive and inspired other people.

  6. Revathy

    Hello sir,
    I have gone through most of the posts here and it was very helpful.my son is 4.2yrs now and he has been diagnosed for mild ASD. We took CARS assessment for him with an pshycologist and he has scored 25.5 in that assessment.so they have mentioned it as mild autism. His main issue is in building conversations. He is doing nursery in a normal school. Could you please guide us or suggest what kind of therapy he require and where we can get it. I am in Bangalore.

    1. Dear Revathy
      With Mild autism, he is likely to benefit from the nursery if it provides lots of encouragement and positive feedback on his efforts (even when it may not be as good as other childrens’). It helps to build his confidence which is what you need at this stage. Intensive interaction or specific types of communication approaches may be useful (there are some speech and language support / communication support centres listed in the bangalore based resources page- please see the google map of the resources linked there

      1. Prabita

        Hello , my son is 3 now and we think he has all ASD symptoms, how and where can we get it diagnosed to be sure. He’s currently taking speech therapy from past 2 months . The therapist said it isn’t ASD but there are other behaviors that say it is..we want to get a through diagnosis done. Can you please suggest the best center in Bangalore to get this diagnosed. Thanks

      2. NIMHANS child psychiatry and psychology department will be able to assess your child and confirm if it is or not autistic spectrum condition. The assessment information will also help in formulating the right approach to supporting the child. NIMHANS normally need a referral from a doctor.

    1. Hello
      I am not aware of any centres doing this. Your question prompted me to read more about this treatment. Chelation is mainly used for lead poisoning but some practitioners have experimented in others areas too. These include conditions atherosclerosis and autism. Use of this in Autism is based on the assumption that high levels of heavy metals like lead is responsible for autism or increases the severity of its symptoms. Probably due to reduced ability of children with autism to secrete these heavy metals. A study published in 2015 (link given below) confirmed that ” Given prior reports of serious adverse events, such as hypocalcaemia, renal impairment and reported death, the risks of using chelation for ASD currently outweigh proven benefits”. So my advice for the time being is to stay away from these experimental treatments until we know more about the risk benefits of these.
      Link to the paper- https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/26114777

  7. shulamite

    hello sir i really admire your effort my son whois 3 and half year old is diagnosed as autistic here in uk but i hear that there will be no one to one speech and occupational therapies for them here so we have decided to go back to India can u just guide us regarding our stay here and suggest us regarding the therapy centres in India

    1. Hello
      I am sorry to hear that you are leaving UK for lack of services in this area. It is in UK these services are most developed. Have you checked all services available locally. Get in touch with on email if you want to have a chat on this.

  8. Pawan puspa baral

    Respected sir namaskar.
    I am dr pawan currently working as anaesthesiologist in nepal.My 2.1 year daughter has been recently diagnosed as autism .i was completely devasted until we came to know that with intensive behavioral therapy in early age could improve.in nepal there is only one place and is too packed.So we are planning to take her to either delhi or banglore.But now i am more than convinced i ll take her to nimhans and follow the therapy in banglore only.
    Sir whats the chance of recovery from autism.i have another child son 8 months old…whats the chance he may get autism.can we guess from this age??if yes then are there any way that stops him from progressing?

    1. Dear Dr. Pawan
      Although there is some genetic basis for autism, the familial risk of autism is relatively low. A good community paediatrician on detailed evaluation of your child including any genetic screening would advise you correctly. However if the other child is developing normally, please do not worry about it now. Please check our web site- (bangalore based resources on google page- see the link below) for details of services i have come across in Bangalore. There may be more.


  9. Sushma K

    Hi Doctor.

    I am Sushma.

    My Nephew is 2 years and 1 month old and he diagnosed with mild Autism. He is very active and his problem is he is not talking and he has no eye contact. He jumps, rotates bangs his head and we are in Bangalore and we are very confused about the doctor. Can you please suggest good Doctors. And is it curable. We are very tensed. Please help.

    He grew up alone and his mother started to give him phone by the age of 1 year. He loves phone.
    Now we are not giving him phone.He dint had breast milk and he drinks lots of dairy milk.

    Please suggest a good doctor.



  10. Sir,
    Myself Brijesh and staying in Bangalore. My daughter has been suffering with mild autism and she is 3 years now. We started OT, speech therapy and ABA for last six months and found slight improvement. We visited NIMANS also 3-4 times and they told to carry on therapies and there is no medicine. One of my friend suggested for homeopathy treatment and gluten & casein free diet. Sir pls advise whether these will help.

  11. Shailaja

    Respected sir,
    My daughter who is 13 y has recently been diagonised with pdd.The doctor has suggested some occupational therapy for her.Right now we are staying in south Bangalore so is there any good therapist in south Bangalore?

  12. Akshatha

    Hi Sir,

    My sisters son is 8 years old. I have been seeing signs of autism in him from the age of 4. Since his parents were not ready to accept it, i couldn’t convince them for treatment. I am sure they have visited doctors but they haven’t given any treatment. Could you please direct me to right person for his treatment?

    We have to diagnose and plan his treatment.We stay in Bangalore.

    1. Please see our page – Bangalore based resources. I would recommend going to NIMHANS child psychiatry department , seeing a child psychiatrist (Dr. Prasanna’s details on our page or a paediatrician with special skills in diagnosing autism- Dr. Nandini Mundkar’s contacts available on the site as well.

  13. R P Sinha

    My 2 year eight months old son is diagnosed with ADHD and Autism. I am from West Bengal and currently In Bangalore for my son’s treatment. I am planning to visit NIMHANS next week.The place where I live in west bengal has no therapy centre. In that case how learning improvement of my son can be done at home, any on line site or organisation does this,please suggest.I feel any one residing outside any big city like Bangalore faces the same problem for his child with Autism.Hence requesting for any suggestions or recommendation.

  14. Hii Sir,
    Adarsh here from Dubai.
    My son has been diagnosed with mild Autism.
    Following are his diagnosis :
    Poor eye to eye contact
    Does not respond to calling his name
    Poor joint attention (uses my finger to play a tune without looking at me)
    Poor imitation skills
    Poor functional play (feeding the doll)
    Does not share interest (ball)
    Utters few words but not for communication
    Stereotype (grinds teeth, flaps hands)
    Unusual interest (holds rod or pen or spoon in hand)
    Kindly Advise.
    Whats your Opinion on Stem Cell therapy?
    Do we have any centre in India who is doing it successfully.
    Appreciate your kind response.

  15. Fathima neamath

    I, Fathima neamath, a student of RIT college of engineering, kerala. As a part of my thesis project, I have chosen an intergrated residential and educational institute for the autistic.
    I would like to choose your institute as a part of a case study for the project, and hence I request your permission to visit the school between 15 January to 15 February for a detailed study.

    The requirements for the case study are:
    Building plans

    Looking forward to a positive reply.

    Thank you

  16. Hi,
    You can see doctor shilpa rao on this. She is child doctor who specialises on bio medical intervention for children with special needs. Also she is a mom of a special child. Her clinic is in North bangalore.

  17. Charmaine


    My son is 3 years old and has been diagonised with Mild Autism spectrum disorder. Kindly suggest some good therapy centres around Jayanagar besides NIMHANS.


  18. Dr. Yogeeta Atre

    Respected Sir, Myself Yogeeta, mother of a 4 year old daughter who was diagnosed to fall in autistic spectrum at an age of 1.6years. My daughter has issues with eating, she eats soft semisolid food but tends to vomit when I try to feed her biscuit, bread and roti (relatively hard texture that needs chewing and then swallowing). She speaks but not to the extent of children of her age. She is very good at grasping like she knows 1-100, and all that a 4 year old child would learn from school. We stay in electronic city phase-1 and we are completely new to Bangalore. Can you please advise us on any contacts who could help my child with chewing biting and eating and also speech, please. I ‘m not sure about where to look out for the resources on the website you had mentioned to other parents. Please help sir. My email id: yogitask21@gmail.com

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